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Nicaraguan students enraged at repression turn on government

The Coeur d'Alene Press - 5/16/2018

- Nicaraguan President Manuel Ortega has long been able to count on students as some of the most reliable backers of his leftist administration.

But many students are turning on him, organizing independently to oppose his

government, enraged by a deadly crackdown on street protests last month by police and Sandinista Youth gangs.

Students now form the backbone of an anti-Ortega protest movement that has left his

administration shaken. How Nicaragua

emerges from its political crisis will likely depend on the willingness of students to continue confronting Ortega's government. The new generation does not know war, though their parents and grandparents struggle to reconcile their memories and loyalty to the Sandinista revolution with anger over what has been harsh repression against their children.


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