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Time to register for Veterans Day parade

Sun - 9/12/2017

The City of Yuma has many celebratory events each year. Lettuce Days, 4th of July, the Christmas Light parade, Military Appreciation Days, the welcome back events for our winter visitors etc. There are many more that I'm sure I will fail to mention so please forgive me.

Of course the biggest events that our great city is very proud of are, The Yuma County Fair, The Air Show, Midnight at the Oasis, the Rodeo and the Rodeo Parade, and Veterans Day and the Veterans Day Parade.

I am not involved with every event that is held in Yuma every year, but I can feel pretty comfortable speaking for everyone involved in any of these events, and say it takes many long days, and many mind boggling hours on a computer.

And there are never, ever, enough volunteers. When there is, they're always the same few. What I am involved in is the Veterans Day Parade. When the Parade ends we start planning next year's. We are in the final countdown mode for this year's Parade. Veterans Day is Nov. 11th.

If your organization is planning to be in the Parade you must have your application on the managers desk at Post 19 on or before October 27th. We held our annual Veterans Day Parade meeting with all who are concerned, such as the City Police, YPG, etc. Contact has been made with the City, MCAS, the Chamber of Commerce, local business, etc. It was voted on and discussed to cut the total entrants in the Parade from 140 to 125.The applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. No exceptions will be made. The committee believes this will provide for a more efficient flow of, and better quality parade, for the enjoyment of the citizens and visitors of Yuma.

The next parade meeting will be held at Post 19 on the 20th of September at 6:30pm.and every two weeks thereafter. All those concerned are encouraged to attend. Phone 928-344-3441. E-Mail Thank you.

Fred Richard

Commander Post 19


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