CA AB 1306

Title: State government: immigration enforcement.
Author: Scott D. Wiener

AB 1306, Wendy Carrillo. State government: immigration enforcement. Existing law, the California Values Act, prohibits a California law enforcement agency, defined as including both state and local agencies but excluding the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, from providing a person’s release date or responding to a request for notification of a release date, unless that information is available to the public.The bill would prohibit the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation from detaining on the basis of a hold request, providing an immigration authority with release date information, or responding to a notification request, transferring to an immigration authority, or facilitating or assisting with a transfer request any individual who is eligible for release pursuant to specified provisions, including, among others, youth offender, elderly, and medical parole releases.Existing law requires the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to cooperate with the United States Department of Homeland Security by providing the use of prison facilities, transportation, and general support, as needed, for the purposes of conducting and expediting deportation hearings and subsequent placement of deportation holds on undocumented immigrants who are incarcerated in state prison.Existing law requires the department to identify inmates serving terms in state prison who are undocumented aliens subject to deportation. Existing law would require the department, upon the enactment of any federal law requiring these persons to be incarcerated in federal prison, to provide this information to the federal government, as specified.This bill would repeal these provisions.

Consideration of Governor's veto stricken from file.

Bill Documents
CA AB 1306 - 09/12/23 - Enrolled
09/12/23 - CA AB 1306 (09/12/23 - Enrolled)

CA AB 1306 - 04/13/23 - Amended Assembly
04/13/23 - CA AB 1306 (04/13/23 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 1306 - 03/16/23 - Amended Assembly
03/16/23 - CA AB 1306 (03/16/23 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 1306 - 02/16/23 - Introduced
02/16/23 - CA AB 1306 (02/16/23 - Introduced)

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